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Aug 22 2014

Which country is referred to as the hinge of Africa?

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Jun 23 2014

Where is Clipperton Island and who was it named after?


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May 05 2014

If you were in Pensacola, Florida, would it be farther to drive to Miami, Florida or to Evansville, Indiana?


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Feb 17 2014

How much of Iceland is inhabitable by humans?

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Feb 04 2014

Where is the island of Montserrat?

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Jan 30 2014

Where did Christmas Island get it’s name and where is it located?

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Jan 22 2014

Where is the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall?

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Jan 14 2014

Where is the largest swamp on Earth and what is it called?

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Jan 06 2014

What are the 6 cities in the United States that are almost completely flat?

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Nov 28 2013

Where did the Mayflower Pilgrims disembark in 1620?

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